Our Mission

To reduce poverty and preserve the environment, with an emphasis on developing countries.

AlphaMundi Group Ltd supports the Sustainable Development Goals ("SDGs") adopted unanimously by UN Member States in September 2015. Please visit www.globalgoals.org and www.alphamundifoundation.org for more information.


Our theory of change professes that the resources currently available to the public sector and private philanthropy are not sufficient to resolve global issues before critical tipping points are reached. We believe that Impact Investing can help unlock and mobilize additional resources for sustainable development, and complement the efforts of the public sector and private philanthropy.


Our strategy is to design financial products that invest in effective, profitable and scalable solutions to global challenges, with an emphasis on key sustainable development sectors such as micro-finance, education, health, renewable energy, affordable housing and smallholder agriculture. We strive to embed gender analysis throughout our investment process and believe that all companies, even those that don't explicitly target women and girls, can advance gender equality in their operations.


AlphaMundi measures the impact of its investments using IRIS indicators, and has registered its operating impact debt fund, SocialAlpha-Bastion and its upcoming impact mezzanine fund, AlphaJiri, with GIIRS for  third-party impact validation.  In 2016 and 2017 SocialAlpha-Bastion was ranked the #2 fund in emerging markets by impact business model. 

The Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) provides an independent judgment of social and environmental impact for both companies and investment funds using a ratings scale of 1 to 5 stars. Through a broad spectrum of questions regarding impact models, practices, policies and achievements, the system is designed to be applicable to a wide range of industries and business models. GIIRS ratings are reviewed, rigorous, transparent, comprehensive, and comparable. Also, like impact investing, GIIRS sets itself apart from socially responsible investment ratings, which typically focus on negative screens, as GIIRS ratings recognize only positive impact generated by a company or fund.


Website: http://b-analytics.net/giirs-ratings/


Since inception, AlphaMundi has organized or participated in more than 100 investor education events on Impact Investing and Gender Lens Investing, to build awareness and understanding about this investment approach by sharing field experiences, market research and best practices. AlphaMundi also contributes to public awareness through its publications and industry association memberships. For more information, please refer to our News section.

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