Investment Strategy

Our investment philosophy is to merge the financial discipline of the private sector with the vision of sustainable development. Both SocialAlpha-Bastion and AlphaJiri finance impact businesses that can build a sustainable future for all while generating attractive financial returns.  

Our investment thesis relies on the unmet needs of low- and middle-income consumers in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, and their increasing purchasing power. Financial return prospects are enhanced by the limited bank offering and the terms of capital available to local early- and growth-stage SMEs.

Our investment strategy focuses on Latin America and East Africa for SocialAlpha and greater Sub-Saharan Africa for AlphaJiri. For both funds, we identify emerging and established market leaders with annual sales of USD 500K to USD 10M, and build up fund exposure progressively as they achieve financial and impact milestones, with investments ranging from USD 250K to USD 2M per company. We embed gender analysis in our diligence process and strive to work with companies on advancing gender equality at the management and beneficiary level. Portfolio companies are typically at an inflection point where AlphaMundi’s support on reporting systems, risk management, and value chain consistency can deliver substantial added value for all.  SocialAlpha invests across sectors while AlphaJiri has an emphasis on sustainable food and agriculture and renewable energy.