Industry News - Association "Swiss Sustainable Finance"

AlphaMundi is proud to be a founding member of Swiss Sustainable Finance ("SSF"), an industry association which officially announced its foundation on July 1st with the support of more than 60 organisations including financial service providers, institutional investors, research organisations, and public sector entities like the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

SSF was created to promote sustainability in the Swiss financial market, and strengthen Switzerland's position as a leading worldwide centre for sustainable finance. Its activities will focus around sustainable finance promotion, research, capacity-building, institutional asset owner advocacy, and financial innovation, with one work stream dedicated to development finance and impact investing.

The Swiss constitution declares sustainable development to be a national objective, and Switzerland manages 10% of global securitised assets, including CHF 57 billion managed along sustainability principles, while a third of the USD 10 billion in global microfinance investments are managed by Swiss companies.

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