Industry News - U.S. Certified Trade Mission in Europe

AlphaMundi participated in the 3rd U.S. Certified Trade Mission on Impact & Sustainable Investments in Europe, together with 9 other specialised fund managers, organised by Watershed Capital with the support of the US Department of Commerce. The mission met with private and public sector investors in Zurich, Amsterdam and London,

"As investors see the diversity and strong track records of the fund managers who were part of this delegation, investors are realizing they can both achieve their return targets and have a positive impact. This realization is the start of Impact Investing moving from a niche sector into the mainstream," said Michal Whelchel, Co-Founder of Watershed Capital Group.

The U.S. Administration, the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration, and the G8 each have established initiatives around Impact Investing and recognize Impact Investing as an emerging investment strategy that seeks to generate positive environmental and social benefits along with financial return.

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