Event Briefs - Geneva Panel, African Conferences, Berlin Gathering

On 2 June, AlphaMundi organized a private panel on the Impact Investing Value Chain in Geneva, Switzerland, featuring Swiss private bank Lombard Odier's fund of impact funds and the CEO of a SocialAlpha-Bastion portfolio company operating in East Africa in the healthy food and sustainable agriculture sector. AlphaMundi disclosed preliminary findings of its first 5-year impact assessment, with a full report due for release in the fall.

On 8-9 June, AlphaMundi attended the 1st annual conference of the East Africa Venture Capital Association (EAVCA) in Nairobi, Kenya. The event covered trends and challenges for private equity in the region, with a focus on energy, agriculture and financial services, including highlights on the entrepreneurial ecosystem and panels on Impact Investing and PE divestment risks.

On 15-16 June, AlphaMundi attended the TONIIC gathering in Berlin, hosted by the BMW Foundation, and the 100% Impact Network event hosted by one of its individual members. The events reported EUR 50M have been invested by German investors in impact funds to date, with a national ecosystem of more than 1,700 social enterprises. A foundation, a family office, and various individuals showcased their journeys to Impact Investing and their current portfolios.

On 29 June-3 July, AlphaMundi also attended the 2nd annual African Microfinance Week in Dakar, Senegal. The event was dedicated to Innovative Rural Finance in Africa, sponsored by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and 4 regional networks representing 140 MFIs and 23 MF associations from the entire continent, and attended by more than 500 participants from 49 countries.

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