2016.Q3 Portfolio Company Updates

In Latin America, our Peruvian-based cocoa company amortised their first loan of USD 400,000 making room for a new loan to be included in the Latin American portfolio in Q4.

Our producer and manufacturer of healthy snacks, working with small-holder farmers has entered into a phase of strong structural growth, moving this quarter to a new and bigger plant in Mexico, while the plant in Ecuador is increasing from approximately 3 ’500 square meters to 8’500 square meters.

In Africa, our honey producing company in Kenya launched a new bottom- of-the- pyramid campaign with new products targeted towards the low-income market.

Our solar company in Kenya managed to acquire it’s 400,000th customer with its current customers expected to make savings of USD 300M over the next four years.

One of our other solar companies in Africa completed the rebranding of their flagship product, attracting higher quality customers and lowering their churn rate.

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