5 innovations that will transform the lives of smallholder farmers

These five technologies have the potential to connect smallholder farmers to new resources, information, knowledge and markets. Many of these innovations already exist; the challenge lies in scaling them up in ways that are inclusive, while navigating the inevitable challenges that will accompany their uptake.

1. Improved access to electricity to increase efficiency and reduce food loss

2. Increased internet connectivity to access information and knowledge to improve productivity on their farms

3. Mobile devices and platforms connect smallholder farmers to markets

4. Unique identifiers improve data about farmers, for farmers

5. Geospatial analysis to help farmers make informed decisions

Strong digital infrastructure is crucial for smallholders to access and create tools that empower them to make decisions about their farms and businesses. As innovation evolves, let’s continue to question how the benefits of technology are being shared and how these benefits can nurture the smallholder farmers who feed the world.

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