Affordable Solar Home Systems

Across the energy access sector, there has been a shift toward larger power systems and more power-hungry appliances. Higher-capacity systems can run desirable TVs or fridges, raising productivity and utility for families or small businesses, and one day grid-compatible systems will be even more ubiquitous. Larger solar home systems have higher profit margins and generate more revenue, so this trend is beneficial for companies as well.

But of the over 600 million people across sub-Saharan Africa who lack access to the electrical grid, only 600,000 households – less than 1% – have gained energy access from distributed renewables systems. There is still an incredible need for ultra-affordable solar home systems in remote, off-grid communities to reach the remaining 590M+ off-grid residents. At Fenix, their mission is to provide clean energy and financial services to the most underserved customers, which includes providing ultra-affordable products to rural, very low-income households.

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