Terrafertil Wins 2017 Colombian National Exporter Award.

Our portfolio company in Latin America Terrafertil, recently won the Colombian National Exporter Award for 2017, in the category of small and medium-sized companies. The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos was there to present the award to Terrafertil's CEO David Bermeo.

Established in April 2005 in Ecuador, Terrafertil is a producer, manufacturer and processor of dehydrated fruits, juices, cereals, teas, vinegar, sauces, and seasonings. Terrafertil flagship product is dehydrated Goldenberries, also known as sunberries, incaberries or uchuvas. They expanded production capacity to Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and the US, and are currently selling to 33 countries across America, Europe and Asia.

Terrafertil buys raw material from more than 1,000 small-holder farmers in Colombia and Ecuador. The company prioritizes the preservation of small-scale agriculture in order to guarantee high-quality products. Terrafertil holds a number of certifications including organic, fair trade, non GMO among others. There were also given a 5 Stars rating by GIIRS in 2016 with the best score (182) of all of SAIF-Bastion’s fund investees.

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