AlphaMundi Colombia is hiring!

AlphaMundi Colombia is currently hiring one Manager and one Investment Analyst.

AlphaMundi Group Ltd is a commercial entity based in Switzerland and exclusively dedicated to Impact Investing: profitable investments that generate substantial net benefits to society. Since 2009, AlphaMundi provides debt and equity financing to scalable impact ventures in Latin America and Africa, across Sustainable Development Goals sectors such as Finance, Food and Energy. AlphaMundi is currently investing out of its impact debt fund, SocialAlpha Investment Fund (SAIF) - Bastion, domiciled in Luxembourg with a Delaware feeder for US investors. In 2019 AlphaMundi launched a new debt and equity fund, AlphaJiri, that invests exclusively in East Africa. AlphaMundi also manages co-investments for SAIF-Bastion investors and third parties.

As part of the AlphaMundi Group, AlphaMundi Colombia currently manages a total of 18 portfolio companies, and has invested in 27 companies since inception. The Latin America portfolio has the following allocation per sector: 43% in Microfinance, 24% in Food and Agriculture, 16% in Fintech, 11% in Education and 6% in Renewable Energy. Today, the portfolio is invested across 6 countries in Latin America: Ecuador (51%), Peru (25%), Mexico (17%), Colombia (4%), Bolivia (2%), and Costa Rica (1%). It is expected that the Latin America portfolio will expand to more countries in the region in the coming years. The AlphaMundi Foundation currently supports with grants 4 companies based in Latin America that fall in the nexus of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture.

To access the full job description of the Investment Analyst position, follow this link.

To access the full job description of the Manager position, follow this link.

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