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AlphaMundi Group Ltd is a commercial entity based in Switzerland and exclusively dedicated to Impact Investing: profitable investments that generate substantial net benefits to society. Since 2009, AlphaMundi provides debt and equity financing to scalable impact ventures in Latin America and Africa, across sectors such as Finance, Food and Energy, to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. AlphaMundi is currently investing out of its impact debt fund, SocialAlpha Investment Fund (SAIF) - Bastion, domiciled in Luxembourg, and its 2nd impact fund, AlphaJiri, domiciled in Mauritius. AlphaMundi also advises

its fund investors on direct co-investments.

The Administrator will be based in Geneva, Switzerland, providing support to the Group’s Managing Partner from an administrative and business development perspective.

Specific responsibilities include:

• Oversee the Group’s monthly accounting process, including invoices and salary payments, financial archives for tax declaration

purposes, quarterly VAT filings and other matters related to Group financials, with support from our accounting firm.

• Manage the quarterly investor reporting and invoicing of the co-investment portfolio advised by AlphaMundi, with support from

the investment team. • Liaise with Luxembourg providers to ensure they produce the SocialAlpha fund’s quarterly NAV statement in a timely and

accurate fashion. • Provide support for SocialAlpha’s bi-monthly board meetings, and the information requirements of Group and fund providers

and regulators in Luxembourg and Switzerland. • Follow up with current and prospective investors in Europe, for reporting and business development purposes, including the

scheduling of calls and meetings, the AlphaMundi – Job Description: Administrator, Geneva – 01 April 2020 Page 2 of 2

organisation of occasional investor events, and the coordination of annual field visits, with support from our fundraising advisors. • Update the Group’s social media pages with relevant news on our activities, AlphaMundi’s website and marketing materials on a

monthly basis, with support from our marketing advisor. • Keep accurate meeting minutes and provide support to Group interns in Geneva.

To access the full job description of the Administrator position, follow this link.

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